(In addition to the visa fee, the service fee is applied in Euros for each application.)
General Visa

€ 80 

Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kosovo and Armenia passport holders

€ 35 

Kosmos Service Fee

€ 20 

• Spouse and/or Child of EU/ Swiss Citizen (under the age of 21)

• School pupils, students, post-graduates and accompanying teachers who undertake stays for the purpose of study or educational training

• Researchers traveling for the purpose of carrying out scientific research

• Diplomatic and service passports holders

• Ιn certain cases, representatives of non-profit organizations aged 25 years or less, participating in seminars, conferences, sports, cultural or educational events organized by non-profit organizations may also be exempted

Free of charge
Children between 0-12Free of charge


For additional service fees please visit "Additional Services". (additional service fees are charged in TL)








As from Monday 31.12.2018, Greece Schengen visa fees and service fee currency will be in  EURO and cash only. 



200, 500 banknotes and coin Euros are not accepted at the time of payment.



Visa application and service fees are payable for each application.



Dependents (including children aged over 12) are charged the same fee as the main applicant unless otherwise stated. All dependents who are travelling must pay the visa application fee, whether or not they are travelling with their own passport or on the main applicant’s passport.



Holders of Turkish service passports (green or grey passport holders) are entitled to enter territory of Greece without a visa for a maximum of 90 days, provided that this does not involve employment.



The visa application fee reflects the administrative costs of processing an application.



Refunds can only be made if your application is not executed