We would like to inform you that all of our Additional Services are voluntary and do not affect the transaction process or the outcome.

V.I.P. Service

VIP Service is a type of service where you can complete your transactions from a single point.


V.I.P. Service includes:

  • • Direct access to our V.I.P. Lounge where an applicant will verify the documents and capture their biometric information in a single location.
  • • Cargo Service; (Optional)
  • • Photocopy Service (Optional)
  • • SMS Text Message (Optional)
  • • Beverages
  • • A personal attendant during the course of submission process.


If you wish to benefit from V.I.P. service, you can book an appointment through our website or you may contact our Call Centre.

VIP Service fee is 90 € (Visa fee not included)

Important: V.I.P. Service is only a one-point service in our Centre, which does not affect Consulate’s processing time nor their decision making.

VIP Service is only available in our Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara offices.

Mobile Application Service

Mobile Application Service has been developed for applicants who cannot find time to come to our office to apply for a visa.


Mobile Application Service includes:


  • • Your Visa Application and your biometric (finger scan) data is collected at your choice of location either at your office or home.
  • • Collection of your documents and passport;
  • • Cargo Service is provided once the decision is taken
  • • You will be notified via SMS when your passport is ready.


If you wish to use the benefits of the Mobile service, you may book an appointment through our Call Centre.



The service fee is € 210 for 1 application (visa fee excluded)


Our mobile service is only available in our Istanbul office.


For further information, you may contact our call centre.



Important: Choosing the Mobile Application Service does not affect the process and decision of the Greek Embassy or Consulate.



* For applicants who do not have to resubmit their biometrics (fingerprint) data, this service includes document checking and the submission process of the application. Click for more information about biometric transactions.


Cargo Service
  • • The delivery service of your passport to your address is available within our company. In this way, you do not have to get your passport from the Visa Application Center. The cargo service delivers your passport to the address you provided.
  • • The cargo service fee is cash 200.00 TL for each application.
  • • After your passport is delivered to the cargo company, you will be informed via SMS about the status of your cargo by the cargo company.
  • • Your application is not accepted by cargo. Applications can be made in person or with authorization.
  • • The address you provided during the application for passport delivery cannot be changed.
  • • You can track your cargo as explained in the application tracking section.
  • • In order to cancel your cargo request, you need to contact Kosmos call center. However, no refunds can be made.


NOTE : If  the passport holder or the person designated as the recipient is not at the address during the passport delivery, the cargo company will hand in the shipment to the third parties in the residence or at work.

Photograph Service
  • • We have photography service at our Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa and Bodrum Visa Application Centers. The photograph taken complies with the requirements for the Schengen Visa.
  • • The photograph service fee is 120.00TL for a set of 4 photographs. The photographs meet Schengen visa photograph specifications.
  • • You can request and pay for this service at the visa application centre. We only accept payment in cash using Turkish Lira.
Photocopy and print Service
  • • We have photocopy and print out services at our Istanbul, Edirne Izmir, Ankara, Bursa and Bodrum Visa Application Centers.
  • • The photocopying fee is 10.00TL for each page.
  • • You can request and pay for this service at the visa application centre. We only accept payment in cash using Turkish Lira.
SMS Text Message
  • • SMS service is available at the visa application centre. You will be notified by SMS text message once we received back your documents from the Consulate.
  • • The SMS text message fee is 20.00 TL for each application.
  • • You can request and pay for this service at the visa application centre. We only accept payment in cash using Turkish Lira