This is the Security Announcement for applicants whom visit Kosmos Visa Application Centre;

Due to Security reasons, the following actions or items will not be permitted or used inside the Visa Application Centre:

  • • Cameras, audio/voice records, video records, (i.e. mp3, laptop, recording devices etc.),
  • • Bags, suitcases or back packs, suitcases, zip folders larger than a cabin size bag, (Only a plastic bag containing your application related papers would be permitted.

*The list provided above is not restricted.

  • • Inflammable items (such as matchboxes/ lighters/ fuel etc.) and any sharp objects (such as scissors, pen knives or nail filers.)
  • • Weapons or similar objects, explosive material of any kind.
  • • Pets (Due to potential of allergic reactions of third parties),
  • • Sealed envelope or packages
  • • Food or Beverages,
  • • Security Guards or Kosmos Personnel have the right to prevent admission of suspicious individuals or items in to the office.
  • *The list provided above is not restricted. Security Guards may prohibit other items based on his/her discretion.
  • • Due to security reasons, entrance will only be permitted to the main applicant, their interpreter or if accompanying a physical handicapped applicant. Permission for entry by friends, relatives, business contacts of the main applicant is prohibited.

There is no facility available at Kosmos Visa Application Centre to store prohibited items. We request applicants to make alternative arrangements to store the listed items before entering to the Visa Application Centre. Kosmos Visa Application centre is monitored by cameras on a 7/24 basis based on the security procedures.

Protection of your personal data

As Kosmos Visa Services Limited Company, we respect and care the privacy of the applicants' private lives. For this reason, we would like to inform the applicants of the use of their personal data on the Protection of Personal Data Act * in order to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of applicants. Applicants can transmit their personal data through internet or call centre channels; they can communicate to us through oral, written or electronic media.

These Data;

  • • We accept these data on behalf of the Greek Consulate of General, Istanbul
  • • We always keep it securely,
  • • We do not share it with anyone other than the organizations permitted by law.
  • You may apply to us;
  • • To find out the purpose of using your personal data,
  • • You can learn which organizations and what purpose they are shared with.
  • • You can request correction of missing or incorrectly recorded or used information For detailed information within the scope of law, you may review the law from the official website of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.
  • *Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data ("KVKK")

Kosmos Visa Services Limited Company