Dear Applicants,


It has been understood that some of the unauthorised webpages / agencies under the name of the Visa Application Center in Greece have applied to our company for receiving high visa applications for Greece, and afterwards the applicants have been misled by misleading the applicants.



We would like to emphasize that they will apply for a visa for Greece, Kosmos Visa Services, the sole authority for visa procedures in Greece, does not accept any prepayment and payment is made at the time of application.



You can also easily find the application form on our website, such as the list of required documents, and you can easily get your appointments via telephone 0850 4742021 or



We kindly request that the above notice and warnings be taken into consideration in order not to suffer any kind of grievance, and we strongly advise that Kosmos Visa Services will not be responsible for the actions of unauthorized persons otherwise.




Kosmos Visa Services Management